Initiated in 2008, Whose Museum is an art collective and loose archival network that began in Vancouver as a journey to challenge what a museum is and can be. Here everything bureaucratic becomes ornamental, all discard gains in value, and nothing is straight forward except the donation. Anyone can donate anything to the collection. So far, the items range from the banal to the bizarre, including drawings, discarded objects, prosthetic body parts, plants, songs, and ephemera. The collection acts as a springboard for bringing people together for an exchange over art. Whose Museum has been involved in a number of research projects, social exchanges, and transient exhibitions over the years. 
During our residency at KRETS gallery in 2019, Whose Museum established a place where artists and the public meet, engage in discussions, art-making, exhibitions and events. In response to the enthusiasm expressed by new members of the collective in Malmö, and the gift that was made by KRETS to take over the location permanently in 2020, we started the art association Whose förening. We present a cross-disciplinary program strongly based on inclusion and artistic experimentation.

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