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Friday, 11 December 2020, 19:00 - 20:00 (CET)

The weird ride that has been this year is finally coming to an end. The Queer Slavic Witches have gathered to say goodbye to what has been and to bless what is coming. A spiritual journey going from chaos to light.
Being queer means not following the norms of society. The Queer Slavic Witches have the witchcraft of their ancestors in their blood. They believe that by exploring life through dance, sexuality, music and self-expression they write their own stories, their own truth.
For them witchcraft is about daring, exploring, exposing and empowering individuals. Queerness and witchcraft go hand in hand. Witchcraft is more than just casting spells and seeing results; it’s about stepping into one’s power and celebrating one’s true selves.
Join us as we dance into the unknown. Get your witchy wardrobe out, dust off your tarot cards and light some candles. We will take a moment during the night to write down our wishes for the next year and let the fire of the candles consume them - and we invite you to do the same!
The Witches
Widianne X/Aurora May is a Malmö based artist mainly working with burlesque and performance art. She first stepped on stage in 2015 and has since then been building up her repertoire with numbers ranging from classical burlesque to kinky performance art.
RUMINA (FNGRLCKN) is a DJ and producer based in Malmö. She experiments with cinematic and emotional sounds in order to create the sci-fi fantasy dream world she always wanted to live in.
Dina Matskevich is a Russian-Syrian contemporary performer and photographer. Her movement practice is based in Fusion Style Belly Dance and other dance forms. In her artistic work, she draws from her experience as a queer woman in Russia and the Middle East, from exploring the mix of both cultures and electronic music.
The Zoom-link will be shared 30 min before the event!
Dark kisses! 
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