“Where do we go now?”
A live-streamed performance with My Little Faggot & friends
Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 20:00 (CET)

Enter the scene. Saturday evening as the night falls over the city, friends and lovers meet around a table in one of their homes. They start painting each other’s faces, doing their nails, trying out wigs and swapping clothes to give life to the best versions of themselves, and sometimes trying out new fabulous personas, experimenting with their looks - gender is free here. They compliment each other with yells and dance moves, cheers and exclamations are heard every time someone shows a new layer of themselves. Perhaps one of them sings dramatically over a t.A.T.u song, another person joins and soon everyone is shouting and dancing. While the space feels like it’s boiling with excitement, the future expectations of an unanswered question floats around the room and passes on every mouth along the night: “where do we go now?”.
If answered, “Where do we go now?” is a question that might transform an empowering experience into a night of hate, violence and pain. “Where do we go now?” is a theatrical enactment of a real phenomenon. “Where do we go now?” is a performance about the loss and grief of ephemeral and absent queer spaces. “Where do we go now?” is the wish for a space that would embrace and uplift people of all gender expressions instead of pushing them down. “Where do we go now?” is a demand for safety. “Where do we go now?” is a sad story that needs re-writing.

 JOIN US ON ZOOM! You are very much invited to take part of the performance, camera on or off, dress up and/or experiment with different personas from your home and become a piece of this queer collective imaginary space with us. The video won’t be recorded.

 Meet the performers:
☆ My Little Faggot is Aimé’s drag persona and performative gender euphoric experiment. My Little Faggot does not walk, they skip. They are the best kind of happy bubbly twinky snack. But when things get dark, they transform into Nana Panika, a genderfuck in-your-face version of the famously mysteriously melancholic woman chain-smoking alone at Café de Flore. A double-edged queer.
☆ Shiny Vortex is in a constant cosmic trip. They cross the universe in a quest of sublime. Their tears are made of glitter and when their laugh explodes, it fills the atmosphere with dramatic colours.
☆ ETA Needle, an ex-burlesque-grotesque performer turned bedroom Quing. ETA Needle is the unapologetic political clumsy and goofy embodiment of everything that Sigi suppresses in order to survive in capitalist society. They are the genderqueer messy sexworker friendly anarchist, scaring cis people since 1988. Trash is a hobby and freedom is therapeutical. Queer is a verb and a home.
☆ Viv is a wild glamorous spirit erasing the lines of normativity. Her soul inhabits her hair, and damn she’s ready to shake it. Is she any gender? Is he none? Are they their own? Viv writes their own unique sacred rules in their flowy fantasy and they are unstoppable.

Performance concept by Aimé Dabbadie, genderfuck mixed media artist based in Malmö. 
(more info: www.m-dabbadie.com)
The Zoom link will be provided shortly before the event here.
For more info follow our Instagram (@whosemuseum)
If you missed out you can still listen to the soundtrack from the event by clicking on the link below:
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