Rosa Kwir x Whose Museum - an experimental queer archive from Malta

When: from the 17th of September until the 23rd of OctoberWhere: Whose Museum, Kristianstadsgatan 16
Whose Museum invites Rosa Kwir to share our walls and shelves, co-creating a space where alternative masculinities can be explored and new collective imaginaries can be created. Various events focusing on trans masculinities will take place during Rosa Kwir’s stay, such as poetry readings, brunches, spontaneous performances, zine and harness making workshops as well as times of rest.

Rosa Kwir is an archive and project space revolving around alternative notions of masculinity - bringing together stories of trans men, non-binary and LBQTI masculine of center people in Malta. It was initiated by artists Romeo Roxman Gatt & Charlie Cauchi in 2020. The archive is made up of donated objects, photography, audio-visual and written material. The exhibition and full event programme is organized by Whose Museum Associate and Roadie Aimé Dabbadie.
Sat 17/9. at 16 - Opening of the show, artist conversation between Romeo Roxman Gatt & Aimé Dabbadie, karaoke & hang out - Open to all. Link to event:   
Sunday 18/9 from 12 to 17 - Free brunch & hang out for trans masculine, non binary and LBQTI Masculine of Center people only* Link to event:   
Fri 23/9 - Sun 25/9 - Whose Museum is open to all during Galleri Helgen’s hours, come look at Rosa Kwir’s collection! (fri 18-22, sat & sun 12-17)
Saturday 1/10 from 19 to 23 - Readings & open stage - alternative masculinities*Hosted by Luka Holmegaard & Frej Haar - Open to all.Link to event:  
Sunday 2/10 from 14 to 18 - Free writing workshop with Luka Holmegaard - alternative masculinities*
On registration and for trans masculine, non-binary and LBQTI Masculine of Center people only*. 
15 spots available.
Link to event:
Saturday 8/10 from 12 to 17 - Queerd Zine Bibliotek visits Rosa Kwir at Whose MuseumOpen to all. Link to event:  
Sunday 9/10 from to 14 to 17 - Free zine Workshop: Trans masculinity w/ Queerd Zine BibliotekBy registration and for trans masculine, non binary and LBQTI Masculine of Center people only*. 15 spots available. Secure yours by writing to with the subject line “Zine workshop”.Link to event:  
Sunday 16/10 from 14 to 18 - Free rubber harness making workshop w/ Aimé
On registration and for trans masculine, non binary and LBQTI Masculine of Center people only*. 10 spots available.
Link to event:
Sunday 23/10 from 14 to 18 - Closing of the show - burn me softly ~ burning ritual and viewing of the movie "Pirate Boys" by Pol Merchan. For trans masculine, non binary and LBQTI Masculine of Center people only* 
Link to event: coming soon ~  

This is not a binary definition, rather one that challenges it in order to create new collective imaginaries for gender non conforming people experiencing and/or exploring alternative masculinities. In this space, masculinity is fluid and what one chooses it to be. We welcome people of all experiences and ask everyone attending to stay open to each other’s visions, expressions or experiences of masculinity.

DONATE TO THE “ROSA KWIR X WHOSE MUSEUM” COLLECTIONAs part of Whose Museum and Rosa Kwir’s collaboration, we invite all trans masculine, non binary and LBQTI masculine of center people* to donate objects that will become part of a collection that will live and travel between the two spaces in Malmö & Malta and be featured in a zine at the end of the collaboration period. It’s simple, you just need to come in, fill a form and leave your object with us :)

CODE OF CONDUCT No racism, sexism, ableism, fatphobia, transphobia or queerphobia, or any other form of discrimination. Don't assume pronouns!
ACCESSIBILITYTo enter the space from street level, there are three steps to cross. There are thresholds between rooms, and things stand in the way sometimes. The gender-neutral WC is not accessible for wheelchairs. 

Rosa Kwir’s website: Kwir’s instagram: @rosa_kwir Romeo Roxman Gatt’s website: Romeo Roxman Gatt’s instagram: @roxmangatt Charlie Cauchi’s website: Charlie Cauchi’s instagram: @chuckcauchi Luka Holmegaard’s website: Luka Holmegaard’s instagram: @holmebob_Frej Haar’s website: Frej Haar’s instagram: @sotpotatisQueerd Zine Bibliotek’s instagram: @queerd_zine_bibliotekAimé Dabbadie’s website: Aimé Dabbadie’s instagram: @emptymindscanfillagain   

Photos by Aimé Dabbadie
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