Whose Museum welcomes you to visit. Swing by and hang out. Thank you.
Re:  Welcome to the Band!
Date:  April 1, 2022 – ongoing
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On April 1, Whose Museum begins a year of continuous activities. 
Our regular opening hours are Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
The year starts with a presentation of newly commissioned and acquired art works in a fresh setting. 
The contributions we start out with are:  Anna M. Szaflarski compels us to dive into Whose Museum’s history in her sci-fi graphic novel about our first year in The Band (2022). Mark Dion provides proof of Doggie’s well-being, who is on long-term loan to keep him company in his home. The photograph turned into a jigsaw puzzle courtesy of Whose Museum with Museum Club Mascot (WM2012.035) (2021). Jane Flett proves insightful into the inner life of objects in the artist pamphlet The Medal (2022) that tells the story of the shared years with a collection item she loaned. Alanna Lynch’s collection of stink bombs Hauntings of the Spoils (2019) returns to us in the company of her artist pamphlet Taking up Space with Smell (2022). Opposite our white cube, Andy Warhol continues to mystify with Beethoven “Blue” (1987). The Collection Body awaits a chance to mingle on the highlighted collection shelf which has stepped out to emancipate itself from its function and grid all over the walls. The new interior was made by VI-X Hatfield, Go-Go Carpenter Jo Raoust, and Tbot Kampmeier with much loving help from friends.

Come in and play 

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Funded by Kulturrådet and Malmö Stad.
Documentation: Lena Bergendahl
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